Deep Learnig With Gizmos

  • Ideal for Online, in Class, blended learning and distance learning
  • Designed for Inquiry and Interactiviy
  • Allow for the manipulation of key variables (independent and dependent)
  • Enable Students to test hypotheses
  • Encourage exploration "what if..." questions
  • Develops and Practices students STEM skills
  • Help teachers implement inquiry-rich instruction
  • Includes teacher lesson plans with differentiated activities
  • Works on all available Platforms
  • Include Interactive Stem Case Studies for all levels

Why Go Virtual

  • Individual Access to students
  • Students can repeat or redo as many times as required
  • Students can explore even after school hours
  • Students can access from home or school with their own device
  • Absolutely safe for students
  • Wide Variety of resources and concepts covered

Empowering Teachers

Continuous Support

Variety of Training courses and certifications

Complete curriculum alignment

Set up of classrooms and student accounts

Stem Cases

  • Identify the Problem
  • Research the Science
  • Collect, Analyze and interpret data
  • Form a hypothesis
  • Test the hypothesis
  • Communicate findings (Report)

Research data and evidences

  • Meta-analysis provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of simulations
  • Strategies have strong positive impact on student achievement
  • Cases, used with real-time data, had a "staggering" effect on student learning
  • Students' critical-thinking skills increased as they completed more Cases