Educational Mentoring India(EMI)

Educational Mentoring India is a group of highly qualified, trained and seasoned professionals dedicated solely to empower all the stakeholders in a school’s ecosystem encompassing Principals, Teachers, Parents & School Owners.

With need-based solutions to K12 schools and as a one stop solution provider, we mentor and transform schools to the 21st century levels with expert & partner services making schools meet the benchmarks set by the world.

Check for our services, expertise making your schools ready for 21st century children.

Need Based Analysis for Schools

By Analyzing the specific requirements and suggesting strategic measures for a sustainable growth

  • Handholding Schools for School Improvement / Transformation
  • Specialized Councils – Teacher Mentoring Program, Special Education, Counselling, Parental Orientation, Pre-school Education, Audits/Review
  • Training Teachers to adopt newer methodologies and pedagogies
  • Training Leadership to take the schools to next levels
  • Developing Creative Curriculum for all the boards based on NEP2020
  • Enabling students with Psychological and Career Counselling
  • Internal Audit (Customized or CBSE based) as proposed by NEP2020 School Affiliations

CBSE Based Audit - SQAA

Scholastic Processes

Curriculum Planning, Teaching Learning Processes, Student Performance, Assessment of Learning Outcomes and Feedback

Co-Scholastic Processes

Curriculum and Pedagogical Planning, Art Education, Work Education, Skill Enhancement, Mainstreaming Physical Education and Sports, Life Skills Education, Value Education

Human Resources

School Staff – teaching and non-teaching, Parents, Students, Alumni, Community


Adequacy, Functionality, Aesthetics and Safety, Classrooms, library, laboratories, computer labs and ICT facilities, Principal's Office, Staff room and Administrative Offices, Infirmary and Health Management Facilities, Water, Sanitation Facilities and Waste Management, Furniture, Lighting and Ventilation, Disaster Management Provisions, Eco friendly orientation, aesthetics, lawns and green plants, Safety Provisions, Playground and Sports Facilities, Rooms for Activities

Inclusive Practices

Barrier free environment, Games, Sports and other Recreational Facilities, Transportation Facilities, Overcoming Attitudinal Barriers, Other Support Services the school provides

Management and Governance

Vision and Mission Statement, Institutional Planning Mechanism, Effective Coordination, Resource Management, Relationship Management, Activity Management, Data and Record Maintenance, Oral and Written Communication, Standard Operating Procedures, Financial Administration, Fee Structure, Admission Process


Scholastic and Pedagogical Leadership, Collaborative Leadership, Systems for Ongoing Quality and Change Management

Beneficiary Satisfaction

Satisfaction of Students, Teachers, Office Staff, Principal, Parents and Alumni, Community & Management